⚡️EB + Aadhaar இணைப்பு 🔗 Complete Details 😎


#EBAadhaarLink #TechBoss

Link: https://adhar.tnebltd.org/Aadhaar/

Time Stamp
00:00 Intro
00:27 Link your EB Connection With Your Aadhar
02:55 Why Should I Link My Aadhar?
03:28 Who are all no need to Link?
03:39 How many EB connection can be linked to one aadhar?
04:03 What about the free power of 100 units?
04:23 Whose Aadhar has to be Linked While People Staying for Rent?
05:17 Does DEC 31st is the last date to link my Aadhar with EB?
05:45 Is there any other method to link Aadhar?
06:14 Personally,i have a Last Doubt.

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