Kowari teases sophomore album with lead single ‘Tomorrow’

Kowari teases sophomore album with lead single ‘Tomorrow’Kowari 3 A© Romain Garcin

Belgian duo Kowari, after winning hearts with their debut LP ‘Trail’ and captivating audiences on a fifty-date European tour, is poised to unveil their second album ‘Memento’ in 2024. The tandem of Damien Chierici, with his mastery of violin and programming, alongside Louan Kempenaers, expert in piano and programming, invites listeners on a journey through modern electronica themed around travel and release. ‘Memento’ is set to offer an enthralling auditory journey, marrying classical instrumentation with the rhythms of electronic music.

The duo’s new direction is vividly introduced in the lead single ‘Tomorrow.’ Venturing beyond their neoclassical beginnings, ‘Tomorrow’ presents a mesmerizing blend where violin and piano meet electronic vibes, creating a hypnotic soundscape. It’s a track where classical beauty meets electronic innovation, blending arpeggios with synthesized beats in a way that’s both sophisticated and inviting.


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