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Dominic Purcell and Tish Cyrus

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Tish Cyrus and Dominic Purcell had to find a way to manage the fallout after news of her daughter Noah Cyrus‘ former relationship with him surfaced. A new report claims that Tish, 56, and Dominic, 54, “sought therapy” together amid her estrangement from Noah, 24.

“They’re working on communication and sought therapy together,” Us Weekly reported on Thursday, April 4. The outlet previously confirmed that Noah and Dominic dated before he wound up marrying her mom in 2023.

A separate source told the publication earlier this year, “The turmoil between Noah and Tish goes far beyond [what people think]. Noah is very distraught over Tish stealing Dominic from her.”

Last week, Tish opened up about how she and Dominic deal with issues in their marriage. She spoke to her other daughter Brandi Cyrus on her podcast, “Sorry We’re Stoned.” In addition to Noah and Brandi, Tish shares children Miley, Trace and Braison Cyrus with her ex-husband Billy Ray Cyrus.

Tish Cyrus and Noah Cyrus
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“I was so scared when I first met Dom, my husband, which was not that long ago,” Tish said during the March 28 podcast episode. “But it is crazy because I am a Taurus, and he is an Aquarius, and every single thing I read said, ‘Don’t even do it. It is the absolute worst pairing.’”

While acknowledging that their different personalities tend to clash, Tish admitted that she takes “things so personally,” while her husband is “just very blunt, like, there is no warm and fuzzy.”

“I was an only child, I was adopted, so I was coddled a lot. I kind of have needed that,” Tish confessed. “But that’s just not who he is. He is not emotional, and that could be a problem.”

Though their differences in personalities can “definitely” lead to “issues” between them, Tish added, “but issues also, because I love him, that I’m dealing with.”

The film producer then concluded, “But you know what? This is where I’ve grown, is like, I just feel like instead now of me getting so offended, because I respect and love him, that we have conversations. And instead [of] getting so upset and heated about it, and me not taking it personally, just letting him have an opinion. I’ve never been good at that.”

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