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Alone in Romania


The running videos are not going anywhere, but this was a video that I have been wanting to make for a long time!!

Traveling solo has always been a goal of mine. Having no set itinerary, being free to explore at my own pace, and forcing myself out of my comfort zone beyond what I have ever experienced before was extremely appealing to me. In November, I searched for flights during my spring break and saw that flights to Eastern Europe were relatively cheap. Bucharest was the third cheapest city in Europe that I could fly to from MSP. The more I learned about Romania, the more I wanted to visit. The Carpathian Mountains and beautiful castles (as well as cheap prices) had me sold. I purchased my tickets in January and departed MSP on the afternoon of March 22.

This video is a collection of the random video clips that I captured during my trip. There were several days that I did not film at all and I regret that, but now I have learned. My main goal with this video is to show the beauty of an often overlooked and misunderstood country. “Sounds sketchy not gonna lie,” was one of the first responses to my decision to go to Romania. This video hopefully not only proves them wrong, but also opens your eyes to the beauty of Romania. 🇷🇴

0:00 Day 0: London Heathrow
0:20 Day 1: Day in Bucharest – Train to Brasov
1:20 Day 2: Exploring Brasov
3:55 Day 3: Day trip to Sinaia from Brasov
7:10 Days 5 & 6: Sighisoara
9:40 Day 9: Departure

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