Apocalypse Now? Revelations in 2022


Are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse already here? And why isn’t the media talking about the similarities between the current global situation(s) and what was described in The Book Of Revelations? Surely they must have noticed? So why are they ignoring the obvious?
The world has been hit with far more than a double whammy. In fact, we’re about to face the perfect triad as described by John of Patmos, along with the fourth horseman… It has been many years since humanity has faced such an immense compound crisis, yet our leaders seem to be pretending it doesn’t exist, or are focusing on completely different issues. yet our lives are already changing and it looks like we will never be returning to what we once knew.
We are facing war, pestilence and famine. We are facing extreme poverty and the inability to heat ourselves, cook our food – or even obtain food. Simultaneously we have hyperinflation, an energy crisis, food shortages, potential WW3 and nuclear war, a global disease, supply chain problems… what’s next? Musk’s brain chip Mark of the Beast? Agenda 2030?
Yet the rich keep on getting richer, and our elected (and unelected) leaders are truly having a ‘let them eat cake’ moment, tossing pointless scandals and debates our way instead. They are completely disregarding the effect their actions, and inactions, will have on the general population.
Well, here is wisdom… in the video, I mean…

Filmed on location in the Carpathian Mountains of East Slovakia with a Panasonic Lumix FZ300/FZ330 with a Polaroid UV lens


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