BALAKLAVA BLUES – Alive @ Lemon-Aid 2019


BALAKLAVA BLUES perform “Alive” LIVE at LEMON-AID Day 2 – Dec 28, 2019 at the Opera House, Toronto.

LEMON-AID 2019 was the first annual holiday fundraiser imagined by the Lemon Bucket Orkestra to give artists a chance to support Not-for-profit organizations that are important to them.

BALAKLAVA BLUES donated half their fee to
HELP US HELP, a Canadian volunteer run organization that has been providing relief to orphans in Ukraine for the past 25 years. Mark, Marichka, and Oskar have personally travelled to and volunteered at the Help Us Help camp in the Carpathian Mountains and have seen first hand how the organization’s work has a positive effect on the lives of parentless children in a country where they are otherwise neglected and don’t have government support or services to protect and nurture them, never mind giving them what they need to thrive.

The other Lemon-Aid artists also made their donations to the following organizations:

Lemon Bucket Orkestra
REGENT PARK SCHOOL OF MUSIC, a community music school that gives kids access to music education by removing financial obstacles. This year, they gave 1,000 young people aged 3-18 a highly subsidized quality music education at their central hubs of Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park and Jane and Finch and other high-priority neighbourhoods in Toronto. The goal is to help kids thrive through music; the study of music allows young people to flourish creatively, personally and academically, enriching their lives and future prospects.

Bangerz Brass
RISE EDUTAINMENT (Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere), which is is a youth-led movement that has been providing opportunities and spaces for youth to develop artistically/professionally, personally, socially, and spiritually. They create safe and inclusive spaces that foster self-expression and healing through the performance arts and storytelling. The organization has provided a place for Bangerz MCs and countless other young artists in the Scarborough community and beyond a safe space to heal, build community and work on their craft.

Moneka Arabic Jazz
TUKTUK4FREEDOM, who sell hats and send all the proceeds to Iraq to support the protests/people’s liberation movement. But it’s more than just a fundraising organization- the aim is to raise awareness and to provide English language coverage to the movement back home.

Moskitto Bar
THE SERENDIPITY HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION, which aims to help people in rural communities in Northern Nigeria to overcome hunger and poverty and improve their health and education.

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