Dark Guardian by Christine Feehan A Carpathian Novel "Dark Series #9"


Jaxon Montgomery is a woman hunted. Trained by the Special Forces, honed by a traumatic childhood, she is a policewoman with an undisputed reputation. She meets her match when she is set up to be murdered by an enemy. Hunted on all sides, she can only turn to the mysterious stranger who seems more dangerous than any other she has ever known.

He ran with the wolves. . .
Materialized from the mists. . .
Hijacked the very heavens to his whims. . .

He was the Dark Guardian of his people. So how, after centuries of bleak, soulless existence, had he suddenly come to crave petite, curvy, colorful lady cop Jaxon Montgomery, who foolishly made it her life’s work to protect others from harm?

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