Hitman 3 Isle of Sgail: Aztec necklace kills (Sleight of Hand + Mistaken Identity) – Master – Silent


I had originally made a video on doing these two challenges but I watched it and thought “Surely there are better ways to do this” so after a bit of experimentation I came up with this. I tried a few ways to isolate Sophia without doing the whole mission story thing in the security room, but I found that everything I tried took longer and was much riskier than approaching her the way the game wants you to.

As has become my modus operandi, I didn’t have a proper plan for the exit when that time came, so I took a much longer ledge route than I had to and I stumbled my way to the exit. It’s not a real “Oh Shit Man” run if I’m not repeatedly muttering “oh shit” on my way to the exit.

I’ve never actually done that exit before on master without an allowed disguise, and I was surprised to find it was a lot safer than I (obviously from the video) thought it was going to be.


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