iPad 2nd Gen Run the Latest Famous Social Media Apps !!!


iPad 2nd Gen Run the Latest Famous Social Media Apps !!!

Hello everyone , kamusta kayo?
Are you planning to buy iPad 2nd Gen or iPad mini 1?
be sure to watch this series of videos before buying the old iPad 2 or iPad mini 1.

I made this video about the iPad 2nd Generation.
How does this 10-year-old device perform?
Can it handle Gaming?
what Games do run smooth and without lag on it?
Can you use it for homeschooling?
What social applications run on this iPad?
Can you use this iPad for your work from home?
How much should this iPad cost today?
Is it worth your money?
how to fix downloading errors in this old device?

All of these questions will be answered by this series of videos,
so make sure to check all four videos about this device.

iPad 2 Review part 1( Specs ) https://youtu.be/SwQUzx0w_HY
iPad 2 Review part 2( Games ) https://youtu.be/lYInzHSipPM
iPad 2 Review part 3( Social Media) https://youtu.be/R4P8SZD3cpA
iPad 2 Review part 4( How to download apps no error) https://youtu.be/hjJHdna4-yk


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