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Ron Hood Interview 5-31-2011, Equip 2 Endure Podcast


Adam Francis, Robert Oliver, and Joe Flowers welcome you to another informative episode of The Equip 2 Endure Podcast.
Ron Hood. BA, M.S. Ed.D. (ABD), served in the Military Intelligence Community while in the Army Security Agency (ASA). After training, Ron spent a year in the Middle East and nearly 18 months in Vietnam. Ron taught accredited classes in wilderness skills at two universities full-time for over 20 years, authored numerous articles for national magazines, published a Guidebook to the Sierra, and has appeared on many TV and radio programs. Ron spends much of his time today learning, practicing, and studying skills with native populations around the world–most recently in Romania where he studied ancient Bronze making and hiked the Carpathian mountains. Ron has been featured in dozens of TV programs, including Backpacker Magazine’s “Anyplace Wild,” MythBusters, Ultimate Survival, Nickelodeon, and Japanese Television’s NHK network. Ron’s 27 survival training videos are recognized as the best survival training aids in the world. Ron has organized and led month-long expeditions to the Andean Cordillera of Chile in search of ancient Inca sites, as well as two long-term expeditions to reach, research, and film the isolated Chapra/Candoshi tribes of Peru. Ron is the publisher of Survival.com Magazine that specializes in all forms of survival and preparedness. Ron and his adventurous wife Karen are co-owners of Hoods Woods Video Productions.

Hoods Woods website. (www.survival.com)

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