Russia's Imperial Ascendancy: A Deep Dive into the Great Northern War – Documentary


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Kings and Generals animated historical animated documentary series on the Early Modern history continues with a video on the Great Northern War in which we will talk about the conflict in which the Swedish king Charles XII attempted to win against an alliance of Russia, Denmark, Prussia, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the others. This conflict led to the rise of the Russian empire under Peter I, the fall of the Swedish empire and the destabilization of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. We will cover all the major battles of this conflict, including Gedebusch, Gangut, Narva, Poltava, Kliszow, Fraustadt, Lesnaya and many more.

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The video was made by Ilhan Altunkaya, while the script was researched and written by David Muncan. This video was narrated by Officially Devin. Machinimas by MalayArcher on Total War: Empire engine, using Darthmod, Imperial Splendour mod, Colonialism 1600AD, and reShade mod. Illustrations – Nargiz Isayeva.

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00:00 Intro
Beginning of the war:
10:26 Landing at Humlebæk (1700)

Allied invasions of the Swedish Baltic Dominions [Estonia, Ingria, and Livonia]:
14:50 Battle of Narva (1700)
25:15 Crossing of the Düna (1701)
42:53 Battle of Erastfer (1702)
46:36 Fall of Nöteborg (1702)
54:03 Fall of Narva (1704)

Swedish invasion of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth:
33:40 Battle of Kliszów (1702)
1:02:16 Battle of Fraustadt (1706)
1:10:20 Battle of Kalisz (1706)

Charles XII’s Russian campaign:
1:18:31 Battle of Holowczyn (1708)
1:24:37 Battle of Lesnaya (1708)
1:31:40 Siege of Poltava (1709)
1:32:59 Battle of Poltava (1709)

Allied invasions of western Sweden, eastern Sweden [Finland], and Swedish Pomerania:
1:45:45 Battle of Helsingborg (1710)
1:50:03 Fall of Viborg (1710)
1:57:34 Battle of Gadebusch (1712)
2:08:08 Battle of Pälkäne (1713)
2:14:37 Battle of Gangut (1714)


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