The Passport Arrived | MOVING TO ROMANIA


After 8 long months, we finally moved Bianca out of Preston. Meanwhile my British passport arrived and we took a trip back to Blackpool for our final little holiday before moving Bucharest in Romania.

p.s. be sure to visit the Blackpool Tower Ballroom if you ever head to Blackpool.

00:00 – Getting a British Passport
After only a few short weeks my british passport arrived, which will come into play when we apply to come and live back in the UK in a few years time.

00:40 – Sibling Swap
So my sister and brother in law moved back to England from Canada, bringing the devil himself with them, also known as Jasper.

1:43 – Returning to Blackpool
We headed back to Blackpool to visit the Blackpool Tower Ballroom and took a walk down the Blackpool Seafront.

3:22 – Last Night in Preston
Bianca had her last night living in Preston and will be heading back to Romania soon to be our eyes on the ground for when I follow her over shortly after.

4:22 – Lincoln Christmas Market
We headed to the Lincoln Christmas Market before it got ridiculously busy.

Featured Tracks: Edelweiss & Nicky
Artist: Dons Skiffle

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