Report: the Galaxy S24 Ultra to keep 10x zoom, add a 5x as well


It turns out that Samsung may keep the 10x zoom camera for the Galaxy S24 Ultra after all. According to Korean outlet The Elec’s report, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a 200 MP wide-angle camera, as well as 12 MP ultrawide, 50 MP 5x zoom, and 10 MP 10x zoom snappers. It’s likely that save the 50 MP 5x camera, all other sensors will be broadly the same as those on the ongoing S23 Ultra.

Samsung will supply the 200 MP sensor, while it will split the supply for the 12 MP ultrawide with Namuga and Sunny Optical. Sunny Optical and Samsung will supply the 10x and 5x cameras. The 12 MP front-facing camera will be supplied by Namuga and MCNEX, the report claims.

The Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus will have 50 MP main cameras, 12 MP ultrawide, and 10 MP 3x zoom shooters – matching the current generation.

Report: the Galaxy S24 Ultra to keep 10x zoom, add a 5x as well

According to the report, Samsung will aim to ship 35.2 million units of the Galaxy S24 series in 2024 – 15.9 million (45%) of which of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, 13.5 million (38%) of the S24, and 5.8 million (16%) of the Plus.



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