YouTube Announces Third Party Verification Partnerships for Shorts Ad Placements

YouTube marketers can now access more assurance around their YouTube Shorts campaigns, with both Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Double Verify expanding their brand safety and suitability measurement options to YouTube Shorts inventory, which is another key step towards maximizing the value of Shorts promotions.

The option will provide advertisers with more assurance around their Shorts ad placements, and the suitability of the adjacent content within the Shorts stream.

Shorts has been YouTube’s fastest growing content format, increasing some 120% year over year, and now driving over 70 billion daily views.

As such, advertisers are keen to get in on the action, with YouTube now offering a range of Shorts ad options, which also help Shorts creators generate income from their creations.

But ensuring optimal placement for Shorts ads can challenging, due to limited placement options. As such, these new insights will help advertisers make smarter decisions about their Shorts ad spend.

As per IAS:

“IAS will now provide additional, valuable third-party assurance for brands that their video ads running on YouTube Shorts are appearing in brand safe and suitable content with video-level transparency, as defined by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) framework and adjacency standards. With Total Media Quality for YouTube, advertisers can view brand safety and suitability metrics for impressions served on YouTube Shorts, in addition to viewability and invalid traffic measurement, globally across 30+ languages.”

As noted, it’s another step towards maximizing the revenue opportunities of Shorts, by providing more assurance to ad partners as to where their ads are displayed in the app.

IAS also offers “Total Media Quality” measurement for YouTube, as well as other measurement options for your campaigns. Double Verify can also provide third-party viewability reporting on YouTube.

You can read the full announcement from IAS here.

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