You should know: Nigerian Brand KochHouse

Meet the budding wedding fashion house making dreams come true for grooms and stylish men. KochHouse is a Nigerian owned black business focused on fusing elements of royalty like handcrafted embroidery designs and conventional suit styling patterns. Highlighting an authentic mix of culture and originality this year at both The National Wedding Show and at the Modern African wedding show, both in the United Kingdom.

KochHouse is a widely known African brand and well sort after for their unique pieces. Some of their elite client base includes celebrities, brands and collaborations.

Timini Egbuson in chalk stripe all white with gold coated buttons for KochHouse 

Mawuli Gavor in gold embroidered custom tux for KochHouse

KochHouse pieces are exclusively made for men with unique cuts and handmade embellishments of African roots and elements. These pieces are sure to make you stand out for red carpets looks or occasions. 

Ayoola Ayolola in woven asooke regalia for KochHouse

“Royalty runs deep in our veins.”

These pieces reflect the true story and culture of the affluent Africa. Africa as seen in the media is known for its struggle and its lack. But KochHouse creative director – Nkwocha Nonye, believes Black is not synonymous to lack and therefore is inspired to showcase deep rich luxurious side of the continent. “We are not all kings and princes, but we are from a royal line”

Ebuka  Obi-Uchendu in Luxury velvet embroidered regalia – “We are rooted in affluence, not lack”

Its diversity in colors and languages opens the continent to a myriad of opportunities which can translate into inspiration thereby producing limitless designs and possibilities yet untapped. 

“Sophistication is multi-faceted.”- Tobi Bakare

They hope to showcase this in diverse ways to the world in the hope to re-educate the rest of the world on the sophistication and opulence that lay therein.  

Model couple in embellished KochHouse pieces

We will conclude this piece with our very own Jonathan Martins. A news anchor and host from Houston Texas in a KochHouse piece. 

See more at and on Instagram @KochHouse_.

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