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A confounding new mystery caught the attention of New York on Monday when Mayor Eric Adams was confronted with a surprising tale from his past, one he seemingly wrote himself in a book published 15 years ago.

The beginning of chapter 8 in the book “Don’t Let It Happen,” written by then State Senator Eric Adams and published in 2009, details a story wherein a young Adams fired a gun at school.

The book’s passage described a moment when he claimed to point a “toy gun” at his friends and pulled the trigger, only to find a real round discharge from the gun. No one was hurt, according to the story.

“When I was a child, a friend of mine brought a gun to school…to show off to the rest of the students. This was my first time seeing a real gun. After years of playing ‘Cowboys and Indians’ with toy guns, I did not believe the gun he was showing us was real. I laughed at his stupid trick and grabbed the gun from him. ‘If this gun is real,’ I said, ‘then it should go off.’ I pointed what I thought was a toy gun at my group of friends and pulled the trigger. A round discharged, and only by the grace of God and my poor aim did the bullet miss my friends. The incident scared me so much that I dropped the gun and ran.”

Adams’ book first came to attention last week in a Byline article. Fast forward to Monday, when a reporter from the Associated Press questioned Adams about the particular chapter during an off-topic press conference at City Hall.

“I never fired a gun in school,” Adams told the AP reporter.

“I think the person who, the co-author of the book, may have misunderstood the exact—someone. There was an incident in school where someone pointed what they thought was a toy gun and they may have misunderstood—that book never got into print because we never went through the proofreading aspect of it.”

book written by mayor eric adams

Cover of “Don’t Let It Happen,” a book written by Eric Adams ()

A journalist from THE CITY also attending the briefing had a copy of “Don’t Let It Happen” on hand. She held it up as the mayor exited the press conference, asking him to clarify his co-author remarks.

When News 4 asked for City Hall to expand on the mayor’s comments, a spokesperson said Adams is looking into the book’s publication.

“The story should not have been published, the mayor is looking into it. As he said, the co-author may have misunderstood the story,” First Deputy Press Secretary Charles Kretchmer Lutvak wrote in an email.

page of book written by Eric Adams

A passage from a book written by Eric Adams. ()

The book is listed on a number of online sellers, including Amazon, where it’s available for purchase for $13.62. In the online description of the book, no co-author is listed — but the cover does indicate his partner Tracey Collins contributes a forward to the book.

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