San Pacho kicks off the year with ‘No Guest List’

San Pacho kicks off the year with ‘No Guest List’San Pacho Noguest List

Don’t even ask. “There is no guest list tonight.”

San Pacho kicks off 2024 with what could be a career-best release, “No Guest List.” Since his arrival on the scene in 2019, the Croatian has swiftly ascended the ranks, making an impact with his unique fusion of all genres of house. His latest is the pinnacle of his artistic evolution, pairing the titular sample with a Latin-tinged tech house beat to create an all-encompassing club hit. The track is a testament to his distinctive blend of high-energy club dynamics and memorable hooks, establishing him as a standout in the scene. With “No Guest List,” San Pacho captures the quintessential clubbing energy through intense build-ups and bold drops that sink their hooks in amidst a hail storm of percussive swings.



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