Bingham Riverhouse – Our review

Steeped in history, this townhouse is the perfect spot for a staycation

On a chilly London morning, where your breath mingles with sunlight and disappears into the vivid blue sky, I find myself in Richmond. Uncommon for an East Londoner like myself to venture this far without a passport, Richmond unfolds its charms – a tapestry of green spaces, pristine air, and quaint village-like quirks.

I’m heading to Bingham Riverhouse, just a quick 15-minute walk from the station. It’s like stepping into the countryside, in front of me are two 18th-century Georgian townhouses that used to host literary shindigs with folks like W.B. Yeats before Mr. and Mrs. Trinder took over, and now it’s a family affair led by Ruth and Samantha Trinder.

From the outside, 61-63 Petersham Road looks like a well-kept old house. Step inside, and you’re hit with high ceilings, fancy chandeliers, a wide staircase, and massive bay windows showcasing a killer view of the River Thames – the real deal England backdrop. The place is decked out with fashion flowers in grand vases, adding a touch of grandeur, and the sunlight pouring in through the windows is just inviting.

Bingham Riverhouse boasts 15 bedrooms, each a testament to refined luxury. Opting for the Baudelaire room, one of the premiere river rooms, we relished the spaciousness and panoramic river views, augmented by a statement hand-forged copper bath. A harmonious blend of timeless textures and contemporary comforts – marble walk-in shower, vintage DAB radio, coffee machine, and TV along with the usual tech gadgets. Sunset views over the Thames from the comfort of the tub, well that’s magic right there.

The food in the Riverside restaurants is overseen by South African-born and award-winning head chef Vanessa Marx, who is all about modern comfort food. One of the first things we are introduced to is Bierbrood bread, with whipped butter, a South African style bread made without yeast and instead, with beer. It has a lovely golden crunchy crust and is super soft on the inside. Another South African dish on the menu is the lamb bobotie spring rolls – a beautiful mixture of curried meat and fruit that brings multiple flavours and textures – you must try these. We dived into baked scallops with sea vegetables, preserved lemon and a rich garlic butter sauce that was incredible. Then there was the Haye Farm organic steak with Cafe De Paris butter that couldn’t go without a side of pomme frites and winter greens.

Breakfast for me is best served in the room, something I always opt for, it makes things more cosy, and I don’t tend to eat breakfast in bed at home. Always one keen for the Full English (all in the name of research since Sausage Press) and Bingham Riverhouse knock up an excellent FE; two eggs, sausage, bacon, beans (in a bowl), tomatoes, mushrooms and black pudding. A proper breakfast. There are lots of lighter and more health-conscious options for any appetite of course. The coffee is decent too.

Besides exploring Richmond, there are plenty of walks, the closest of which is down by and along the river or you like us can walk over to the park and do a huge loop and walk off the brekkie, which ironically works up another appetite.

Bingham Riverhouse is perfect for a short, cosy stay to unwind and indulge in food, experience the tranquillity riverside living brings and discover an extraordinary and unique townhouse steeped in history. An excellent choice for any occasion.

Rooms start from £125 per night.
61 – 63 Petersham Road, Richmond Upon Thames TW10 6UT

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