‘Framework presents Solomun’ at abandoned power plant in SoCal : Dancing Astronaut

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The esteemed promoters at Framework have announced a groundbreaking dance music event scheduled for June 1st in Southern California. Booked for an extended eight hour DJ set at Mandalay Generating Station in Oxnard, CA, Ibiza kingpin Solomun will make history at the first ever public show to be held at an abandoned power plant. Framework has always done exceptional work in transforming unlikely spaces into extraordinary live experiences, but on Saturday, June 1st, the dance music producers will push the envelope even further.

No strangers to collaboration, Solomun and Framework have partnered on a plethora of cutting edge music events over the last ten years. Thus, the upcoming show at the 56-acre power station base will also commemorate both parties’ decade long, continually thriving creative partnership. “Framework is a truly long-standing partner,” says Solomun, adding, “After all these years, they never tire.”

Tickets to “Framework presents Solomun,” who very well may bring out an assortment of special guests, are officially available for purchase here.

Featured image: Aj Al Gammal

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