Time for an Adventure – Grandia HD Collection, Remastered for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Out Now

  • Critically acclaimed RPG Grandia HD Collection is out now.
  • Two timeless adventures with iconic casts of characters.
  • E nhanced UI, visual improvements to cinematic videos, updated language support, and more.

I am excited to announce that the remaster of the classic role-playing series, Grandia HD Collection, has launched on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! Whether you are returning to these iconic games or entering these worlds for the first time, the series’ dynamic attack system, rewarding magic and skill progression, and immersive storylines offer dozens of hours of heroic adventures. 

Getting You up to Speed on All Things Grandia

The Grandia HD Collection brings two role-playing games that have defined the genre for decades to come to contemporary audiences.


Grandia follows Justin, a young adventurer who fatefully inherits a magic stone and thus sets out to uncover the mysteries of a lost civilization. In his search, he attracts all types of attention. Some good, in that he meets other adventurers who aid him along on his quest. However, some are bad, like the Garlyle Forces who work to keep him from unraveling the truth of the past.

Grandia screenshot

Meet the Crew

Justin – Driven by his curious and fearless nature, Justin often dives headfirst into situations without thinking. He possesses the mysterious Spirit Stone—an artifact passed down through his family—which plays a pivotal role in his adventures.

Sue – Justin’s childhood friend from the town of Parm. She often joins him on his misadventures, bringing to them her courageous optimism and unexpected maturity that balances out Justin’s impulsiveness. She is almost always accompanied by her flying ball of fluff Puffy, who is as mysterious as he is adorable!

Feena – The most well-traveled of the bunch, Feena has an independent spirit and impressive skillset that garners the respect of those around her, especially Justin. As the journey unfolds, players delve deeper into her multifaceted character and mysterious past.

Grandia II

Grandia II acquaints us with Ryudo, a Geohound who does odd jobs to get money alongside his loyal eagle companion, Skye. One fateful day, he receives a request from the Church of Granas to serve as a bodyguard to one Elena, Songstress of Granas. Together, they bring out pieces of each other that neither of them knew existed amidst their journey to rid the world of Evil in the form of Valmar, God of Darkness.

Grandia screenshot

Meet The Crew

Ryudo – A mercenary with a tough exterior and noble heart. He takes on various jobs for money—despite the moral implications—and is accompanied by his trusted bird companion, Skye.

Elena – The epitome of innocence and purity, Elena’s world is opened wide when she begins to journey alongside Ryudo.

Millenia – Uninhibited, playful, and mischievous, Millenia is a force to be reckoned with. Her origins and the nature of her existence cause her relationship with the party to take many interesting and unexpected turns.

Key Destinations

On your journey, you’re bound to visit many enticing cities. Here are just a few of the places you will come across on your travels:


  • Port City of Parm – Our protagonist Justin’s hometown. The century of adventurers has ended, and the century of the industrial revolution has begun. Once a port of departure for adventurers, Parm City has now developed into a metropolis with two faces, the birthplace of modern industry and a center of trade. This city, where the pleasant sea breeze and the smell of coal coexist peacefully, is full of bright energy of residents striving for a better tomorrow. Order in this city is protected by the Garlyle Force, the Industrial Foundation’s private army. As a port city, Parm’s main food source is fish; the city is comprised mainly of metal houses with sparse vegetation.
Grandia port
  • Gumbo – A charming village facing the Sea of Mermaids located in a volcanic region with an everlasting summer climate. The land of love with a beautiful emerald green sea, white sand coastline, and many frogs. This is truly a place of relaxation, especially for young lovers. However, a dragon settled on the top of the volcano and began absorbing the volcano’s power, subsequently cooling the surrounding area.
Grandia village

Grandia II

Grandia castle
  • Cyrum Kingdom – A vast colorful kingdom that finds itself along the coast. In the center of this kingdom sits Cyrum Castle, the key to the Cyrum people’s dark history. In Valmar and Lord Granas’ historic battle, the Cyrum people—or People of Darkness as they were once known—served Valmar. However, once he was sealed away, they renounced their commitment to darkness.
  • St. Heim Papal State – thehome to Pope Zera and impressive Granas Cathedral.

This cathedral sits atop a looming mountain overlooking St. Heim. The Granas Cathedral is the largest church to Lord Granas, making it a place of religious significance for his followers.

What’s New 

Embrace the collection and unlock your childhood nostalgia—now with enhanced UI, sprite, and texture art details. Watch cult-favorite cinematics, now visually improved along with widescreen support. The collection also has updated language support for English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (simplified and traditional). You can also play the games in entirely English or Japanese audio!

The Grandia series is known by its loyal fanbase for its unique Skill Point system, turn-based combat, incredible world-building, melodic compositions, and more.

Interested? Check out the Grandia HD Collection launch trailer on the ID@Xbox YouTube Channel!

The Grandia HD Collection can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for $39.99 USD.

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Grandia HD Collection

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The highly-anticipated Grandia HD Collection for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S are here! Get your hands on two games that changed the landscape of RPGs forever, in beautiful HD graphics.

GRANDIA: Dive into the captivating journey of Justin and his allies as they race against the sinister Garlyle Forces. Unravel the mysteries of a forgotten civilization and immerse yourself in an RPG hailed as a timeless classic, inspiring generations of games to come.

GRANDIA II: Step into the shoes of Ryudo, a jaded Geohound with a heart, as he embarks on a magical quest alongside a group of unlikely allies. Their journey is riddled with twists and turns as they seek a divine weapon to save the world. Delve deep into this tale where the line between good and evil blurs, and everything is open to question…

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