Fish & Bubbles – Our review


Family-owned Fish & Bubbles brings a true taste of the Italian coast to Notting Hill with a splash

When we heard that Peppe and Angelo Corsaro – the brothers behind La Mia Mamma, a beloved haunt of none other than Stanley Tucci – were spreading their culinary magic to a new locale, we jumped on the Central Line to Notting Hill Gate faster than you could say “Buon appetito!” to check it out. 

Launched in February, Fish & Bubbles is bringing a taste of quintessential Italian seaside to west London. Expect impressively long boards of Prosecco-battered catch of the day, plump prawns, salty calamari and Sicilian-style chickpea panelle served frito misto style, complimented by tangy aioli and a squeeze of lemon. That’s all accompanied by apperitivo-style cocktails, Prosecco and classic Italian wines. The stand-out tipple for us was the ‘Panarea’ – a gorgeous, punchy little sea-salted negroni which hits you like a splash in the face and pairs excellently with the seafood.

You can’t visit Fish & Bubbles without trying one of their ‘Panini di Mare’. Far beyond your average fish finger sandwich, these Italian-style Rosetta buns are a testament to the Corsaro Brothers’ creativity and good humour. Take, for instance, the ‘Tuna Turner’ – an inventive fusion of cacio e pepe & basil cream, tuna tartare, roasted tomatoes, stracciatella, and rocket. It’s simply the best panini we’ve had in a while (pardon the pun). ‘The Spadino’ also had us hooked, a seared swordfish cutlet, gracefully paired with ribboned courgettes, cured pork neck, and lemon ricotta mousse. So good that even after a metre-long board of fried fish, we didn’t leave a crumb.

Kick back with some bubbles and let yourself be swept away by la dolce vita, soaking up the friendly atmosphere and Italo-pop music while watching the waiter charm a table of glamorously coiffed Italian Nonnas. Sure, you won’t spot Simona Tabasco zipping past on the back of a Vespa and you’re definitely not a hop skip and a jump away from some crystal clear Amalfi water, but for a minute, you feel like you’re at least a little closer to Sicily than you are White City.

192 Kensington Park Road, London W11 2ES

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