Hogwarts Legacy Summer Update Brings a Haunting to Hogsmeade, Photo Mode, and More


  • Hogwarts Legacy’s Summer update is available today.
  • The update includes the Haunted Hogsmeade Quest, Photo mode, Talent tree reset, and new cosmetics.
  • The update will be free to all Hogwarts Legacy owners on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

The free Hogwarts Legacy Summer 2024 Update will give you new ways to capture the magic and immersive yourself in life at the famed school of witchcraft and wizardry in the late 1800s wizarding world. Let’s dive into what’s coming today in a totally free update:

Is This Shop… Haunted?

Ever wanted to own your own shop in the wizarding world? In Hogwarts Legacy, Hogsmeade is home to a boarded-up storefront which has, until now, been inaccessible. After downloading the Summer Update, players will find Penny the house elf sweeping outside this building shortly after the start of the winter season in game. Speaking with her will begin a new quest full of mystery, intrigue, and spooky moments. It also comes with a nice suite of rewards—including the shop itself and a dapper shopkeeper’s outfit—for players who brave the depths of the curious storefront. We don’t want to ruin any of the surprises here but watch out for tricks and traps after going through the trapdoor. All is not as it seems with Madam Mason’s shop.

Picture This

Photo Mode has been one of the most highly requested features from Hogwarts Legacy fans, and we’re thrilled to finally bring it to the game! Students at Hogwarts can now unleash their creative spirit while roaming the school or out on adventures in the Scottish Highlands. The Hogwarts Legacy Photo Mode is easily accessible by pausing the game and tapping the X button, where you’ll gain control of a host of camera features, filters and effects, frames, and other options to help capture that perfect shot.

With the ability to hide NPCs and your own character, select a different pose for your avatar (including sitting!), adjust the time of day and season, and add a variety of visual filters, you’ll be able to instantly snap all of your memoires in the wizarding world, whether it’s a fraught duel with a dark wizard, a moment with Peeves caught in the hallways between class, or a peaceful landscape view as the sun sets over the Black Lake.

Reset Your Talent Points

Another highly requested feature was the ability to reset your talent points to try different builds and playstyles, or simply undo talents that aren’t useful to you. For 200 gold per talent point, you can now reset your talents either individually or altogether to try out different talent combinations and undertake your adventure in the wizarding world in a new way. To reset your talent points, pause the game and jump into the Talents section of the Field Guide, where you’ll find this new feature.

New Cosmetics

We couldn’t just give you a mission, Photo Mode, and new feature without also bringing a few new cosmetics into the update! The brand-new Azkaban Coat and Azkaban Prisoner’s Outfit will give you a decidedly dark look, mimicking the ragged style of a famed prisoner that will end up escaping Azkaban 100 years after your own adventures in Hogwarts Legacy.

Our Hogwarts Legacy Easter Egg video showed off The Glasses That Lived last year; however, they were not available in-game at the time. After numerous questions from fans about how they could obtain these circular, taped-up spectacles that resemble those of The Boy Who Lived, we’ve finally made them fully available to everyone. You’ll also get the Onyx Hippogriff mount, the Felix Felicis Potion Recipe, and the brand-new Lavender Borealis broom, with a new dark apparition trail effect. Of course, this update also comes with several bug fixes and optimizations to Hogwarts Legacy.

The free Hogwarts Legacy Summer 2024 Update is available to download now on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Share your favorite Photo Mode captures with us using the hashtag #CaptureTheUnwritten, and let us know if you were brave enough to take on the mysteries under Madam Mason’s shop.  

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